5 Essential WordPress Plug-ins for Website Development

Posted on 04/22/2014 by Forte Admin in Blog, Web Design & Development

WebsiteWordPress is an impressive website development platform that allowsyou to create, edit and maintain professional websites. The open source CMS (content management system) is a PHP and MySQL based website development system that facilitates the creation of feature rich websites with just a few clicks of the mouse.

The most powerful feature of wordpress that has made it a popular website development platform is the availability of a large selectionof wordpress plugins. These plugins have made it possible to create user friendly responsive websites.

However, installing every single plugin that is available on the internet is not a good idea at all. Over stuffing of wordpress plugins will slow down your websites that may also increase their bounce rate. In other words, users who visit your sites will leave if it takes ages for the websites to load on their screen.

To make your life easier for you, here we present the most essential and must have wordpress plugins that provides valueadded benefits when installed on your wordpress platform websites.

All-In-One SEO: The All-in-One-Seo plugin makes it easy for you to automate the task of optimizing websites for search engines. This extremely productive tool allows you to create SEO (search engine optimized) META tags, page titles, page descriptions etc. for every page of the websites. The plugin automatically optimizes the posts when they are published to make it easy for search engines to index the pages and rank them higher in their search results.

Akismet: Akismet is another important wordpress plugin that protects websites from the menaceof spam comments. It is an online web service that has a huge database of comments that are considered spam. When this plugin is installed, it instantly recognizes and removes all the spam comments that ruins the visual appeal and facade of your websites.

Google Sitemap Generator: Google Sitemap Generator is a must have wordpress plugin that allows you to easily generate Sitemaps for the websites. Search engine uses these Sitemaps – spelled with a capital S – to crawl and index the webpages so that they display in their search results.

Contact Form 7: This powerful plugin allows you to easily incorporatecontact forms intoyour websites. These contact forms allows visitors to post their queries on the websites, which is automatically sent to a specified email address.

WP Google Analytics: Finally the fifth most important wordpress plugin for any website is Google analytics plugin. This essential wordpress plugin allows you to incorporate Google Analytics Analytic to your websites. With this plugin, you can easily monitor the traffic of the websites along with the source and keywords for which customers landed on your websites.

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