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Posted on 01/02/2014 by Forte Admin in Blog, Web Design & Development

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Rachel has a brilliant website that she uses to contact her customers living few states away. She owns a salon and also a separate knowledge sharing on the safely usage of beauty products. Her website has every necessary detail she needs to run her business. While asked about her success of her venture, she said that she met with Dallas web design Company who channeled her for a concept called the SEO.

At first Rachel was not aware of the tech concepts and handed over her virtual setting up of store to the Dallas web Design Company. The Dallas web Design Company has clearly understood her exact need of a website and made it very colorful and reachable.

Her website has been made search engine friendly and she thanks the Dallas web Design Company who not just do the work we ask for, but also suggest the value added services that will help the business grow. Though she is a small time business person, she has received over 80 clients in one month for her excellent service on hair make up. She was normally getting 30 clients for hair make up and now it more than double. This change in her business has given her profits beyond her thinking for a month.

The Dallas web Design Company regularly checked her website. They kept making changes to her website to keep it updated with the latest trends. Over a period of time due to healthy maintenance of website, her website was seen on the first page of Google.

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