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Posted on 03/31/2013 by ForteTek Admin in Blog, Web Design & Development

Top 10 tips to make a effective web design:

  1. Have a simple and eye-catchy logo
  2. Less is more – Do not clutter your website with images, videos and content
  3. Make your website navigation very simple. If possible provide the sitemap in your page footers
  4. Have a contact #, E-Mail and the Physical address, if Retail business hours of operation in all the pages.
  5. Have a Contact Us Form  accessible from all the pages.
  6. If you are a e-commerce website, make sure to display the “Secure Logos” for the payment processing.
  7. If a business website, do not load audio or video automatically when the home page loads, request for permission to load any movie / audio.
  8. Make your website Search Engine friendly such as – Meta Tags, XML Site maps, etc
  9. Make your html file names meaningful like for example  – If your company provides a web design, create a page that talks about that services and name that page like webdesign.htm.
  10. Be sure to provide the ALT tags for all your images.

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