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Posted on 05/29/2014 by Forte Admin in Blog, Search Engine Optimization

By: Saranya Sridharan, Consulting Copywriter

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“Is SEO still alive?” This is a common question circulating the online marketing world these days.  If you are an entrepreneur with an e-commerce website, you may be thinking along the same lines. The success of your online business depends on the amount of traffic you get to your website. And SEO is the main tool through which you can make your presence known in the online arena.


With Google and other search engines releasing a volley of updates to their indexing algorithms, many people are questioning the importance of SEO these days. These updates have resulted in search engines penalizing a number of previously top positioned websites. Seo


The evolving trends of search engine indexing algorithms no doubt show that the SEO landscape is constantly changing. However, the reports about SEO’s death are greatly exaggerated.


When writing this blog, I decided to contact an expert SEO firm that knows the ins-and-outs of the SEO business. I was fortunate enough to get response from SEO experts at Dallas SEO firm that has been in the industry for a number of years. I asked them about the top SEO trends of 2014. This is what I gathered from their response.


These days, high quality content is the decisive factor when it comes to ranking. The Google Hummingbird update that was released in late 2013 has made content the number one criteria for ranking. Your website content must be engaging and highly informative if you want to rise up the ranks.


You can also confirm this fact by typing the keyword “best SEO company” in Google search. You will notice that most of the sites that are in the top 10 list of the Google search engine ranking contain high quality content that is informative and relevant to the user.


According to the Dallas SEO expert, the second trend that plays an important role in getting search engine ranking is the number of users who have shared your website content in their Google+ profile. Google uses +1s from G+ to discover popular online content and rank these websites upwards in the search engine ranking.


Finally, the third trend that according to the Dallas SEO expert influences search engine ranking is guest blogging. Guest blogging is a great way to build in-bound links to a website. The Dallas SEO expert says that Google still factors the number of inbound links to gauge popularity and thereby the ranking of a website.


However, it is essential that the blog should contain informative content and is hosted on a high quality blog site. What does high quality means? High quality means blog sites that have high page rank and page authority. Some of the popular blog sites include,, and


It is essential that you know these latest SEO trends to boost your websites’ search engine rankings and traffic. Knowing about the latest SEO trends will prove helpful to you in preparing for the next SEO strategy for your website. If you have any additional information regarding SEO trends to boost traffic to your site, you are welcome to share your views and comment below.

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