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Posted on 04/22/2014 by Forte Admin in Blog

untitledAfter nearly 7 years of operating an online store relating to watches, I have come to accept the fact that website design plays an extremely essential role in marketing of your online store. Would you want to drink coffee in a café that is in a dilapidated condition with paint peeling off the walls? No, of course you won’t, unless it is the only café on the block.

However, it is not enough for your online store to be visually appealing. To be a successful online store it needs to follow certain guidelines and rules. Besides being pretty, your online store needs to entice customers to purchase products.

Recently, a friend contacted me and shared his digital dilemma. He had spent thousands of dollars in perfecting his online store website. The website was creatively designed with vivid and colorful fonts and styles. But, he was still not able to get sales from his online store. I analyzed his website and instantly referred my friend to Frisco Web Design company to solve his problem.

For my online store, I had hired the services of Frisco Web Design company to design and maintain my online store from the start. I have to say that the credit for my successful online venture rests with the expert team at Frisco Web Designwho not only created my web store, but also provided essential counseland guidelines. I will share with you some of the experiences I have gainedwhile availing the professional services of Frisco Web Design services for the last ten years.

High Quality Product Images: You must understand that your products are the main thing that attracts customers to your websites. Your customers are not in a real store. They cannot touch, pick up, or try the products. Therefore, the product images should be the focus of your websites.

Purchase a high quality digital camera and snap consistent quality shots of your products that are displayed against similar backgrounds. You should also buy the latest Photoshop software to give a professional touch to the digital photo images of your products.

User Friendly Navigation: Remember, people come to your websites to browse and look for different products. You should make their task easy by incorporating user-friendly navigation features to your websites. The online store must have a separate navigation bar with a search box to facilitate visitors in searching for your products.

Entice User To Buy Your Products: Your online store should engage your visitors and entice them to purchase your products. Featured products, deals for special occasions, special discounts, limited offer deals, are some of the ways you can attract and compel visitors to buy your products from the online store.

Search Engine Optimization: Finally, your online store should be optimized for search engines. The page title, page description, content should adhere to SEO guidelines to ensure that the search engine spiders know what your sitesare about and rank them high in their search results.

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